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Organizational Change Sample Paper. Abstract. An organization that has great strategies but does not have a culture that can allow it to put the strategy into action.This Tutorial contains 2 Different Papers PSY 450 Week 5 Organizational Culture Paper Identify a large corporation.

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Transcript of NUR 492 Assignment Organizational Structure and.Bruce Hutton, Ph.D. Professor and Dean...Consequently their stock prices plunged by almost 90% (Robbins, 2007).Cultures have therefore been counter productive for such type of organizations.

This paper deals with the historical development and foundational understandings of both the term culture.Find Organizational Structure and Culture example essays, research papers, term papers, case studies or speeches. Organiza.Organizational Culture. Ms. Denise Danford Strategic Review Committee Head November 29.Apple operates in a very dynamic environment of digital technology and therefore needs to reevaluate its culture periodically to determining if it compliments the future goals of the organization.

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Hiring new leaders to spearhead cultural changes is also bound to increase the financial burden on the company.Concepts of Organizational Culture. 5 Pages 1234 Words June 2015.The organizational Culture is one of the most important terms when we discuss about the corruptions, and today the culture management, it is not a new concept but it is mean a lot for all successful companies. like Facebook, Toyota, Zippos.and so on. The organizational culture reflects the external environment of the company.

Armacost, Barbara E., Organizational Culture and Police Misconduct (2004).The video on the chocolate factory clearly shows the influence of culture in upholding business.Deviation from the ordinary is therefore accepted in this context.In the beginning, all that matters (or should matter) is building something great and lasting.There are three main issues that are the basis for all underlying problems.Each culture in the organizations have different assumptions, value and imperatives.

Overlooking the effect of culture has led to many mergers failing to materialize or being unsuccessful soon after their consummation.It has also been proved across business circles that organizational cultures have an effect on the attitudes and behaviors of employees (Robbins, 2007a).A rapidly changing environment may therefore make culture a burden to the organization and potentially reduce its chances of adapting to changes in the environment.As seen from the above analysis, culture is very important not only to organizations but employees as well.As a result of these issues, MACHO must change their culture, focus on being innovative while remaining efficient and must update the skills that their workforces possess.Apple has so far been able to effectively operate in a rapidly changing digital technology environment but other companies like Mitsubishi, East Man Kodak, Boeing and other companies have found it difficult to adapt to the upheavals that characterize their respective business environments (Robbins, 2007).

Increasing the profile of such events would also motivate employees the more.If the organization intends to undertake a rapid change over a long period of time, the culture may essentially be redundant.Modification of Corporate culture is bound to have certain implications in the organization.Impact of Organizational Culture on Employee Performance and Productivity:.

Order your one-of-a-kind, specifically written for you, satisfaction guaranteed term paper or essay on ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE today.When management is primarily concerned with maintaining the quality of its products, the motivational levels of the employees will be low and employee turnover will be high (Schabracq, 2007, pp. 26-28).

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Also from the point of view of an employee, culture orients the individual to how things are done, thereby reducing ambiguity of operations.Each employee should be feeling like a part of the vision and every person should be accommodated in it.

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This initiative will spearhead innovation towards a specific direction, which should be known by all employees.

The digital technology industry is especially experiencing competitive pressures due to rapidly changing technologies.Presented to the Symposium on International Safeguards International Atomic Energy Agency.OCI Paper I applied the Organizational Cultural Inventory (OCI) with the intention that it is a fictional company, J Enterprises.The organizational structure of MACHO allows for a top-down control system in which senior managers determine production levels and product lines to be developed.Boeing is the top aerospace corporation and the largest producer of commercial and military aircrafts combined, with abilities in missiles, electronic and defense systems, rotorcraft.Organizational culture always related to the overall performance of an organization.This organization encourages risk taking through rewards and also supports change in the same way.

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Through the lack of communication and the resulting resource shortages, three areas of the organizational culture are currently impeding innovation and growth.Explain how organizational culture evolves and is transmitted.A culture does not typically change quickly, but in order to keep up with technology, an adaptable culture must be designed.Essentially, it finds its mark in the digital industry through culture as a distinguishing element from its competitors.A good corporate culture should induce a team orientation approach to the current innovative culture.

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Schein, E. (1996). Three Cultures of Management: The Key to Organizational Learning.

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Failure to accept these conditions, many employees would be faced with the prospects of termination.As a result, senior management continues to make unreasonable demands of their employees since they are unaware of the issues that currently exist.The Three culturesare: The Owner community which involve the executive and juniors manager and owners the business, The operator community usually visible in the operations department, and the last one is the engineering community which not only involve the traditional engineering, but also involve the IT, designer system and analytics system and Marketing research as well.Languages are therefore developed as part of organization culture to describe different functions, people events, offices and such like elements in the organization.Contrary to the above organization, there is an organization in Africa called Swan industries that is also a manufacturing industry.